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Two Rivers was founded with the purpose of creating jobs, work opportunities, and making a difference for the communities in which we operate.

Inspiration for the name was derived from two of Glasgow’s most famous waterways; River Kelvin and River Clyde – both of which have historically brought jobs and prosperity to the city over the years.

We provide a one-stop shop for HR Consultancy and Recruitment services to a wide range of organisations across a variety of sectors.  We have specialist expertise in all aspects of HR including Employee Relations, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Talent Acquisition and Organisation Design.

Our well established client base includings large corporate blue-chip organisations as well as small to medium enterprises.  As our testimonials demonstrate, our clients value Two Rivers knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to find win-win solutions.

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HR  and  recruitment EXPERTISE 

Why choose Two Rivers HR? The answer is simple: we offer the best candidates, the best service and the best results.
With expertise in all disciplines and sectors covering aviation, defence, engineering, aerospace, technical and corporate, we match people with jobs as well as positions with potential employees. With a strong presence in Glasgow and across the UK of we offer an extensive local network of contacts that can provide any type of vacancy or candidate profile that you might be looking for. Hear what our customers say about us.

Expert recruitment consultants

Two Rivers Recruitment has excelled in successfully placing candidate’s in esteemed positions for nearly a decade with a team that’s been hand-picked of the best recruitment consultants and a wealth of experience and knowledge are only getting stronger and stronger.
Contact us now and we can help you get the job you deserve. Need to Hire?
We have many applicants looking for all types of jobs including defence, engineering and aviation.

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Our successful recruitment process

Our process is as follows:
– Fully comprehensive and tailored job spec analysis with input from both client and candidate
– CV review and pre-screening with our CV database of over 20,000 candidates
– Comprehensive interview process with interviewers experienced in the role/s required
– Access to our exclusive knowledge hub, careers guidance and recruitment solutions members area
– Offering feedback and guidance on application techniques to appeal to employers, check out our testimonials section to hear what our satisfied candidates have said. Register Now

What makes us the best recruitment agency?

Recruitment needs can vary by industry – so we have specialists in commercial services, aviation, defence, engineering and many more! We’re sure to have the perfect recruiter for your field. Our top recruiters will give you simple tips on how to make your application stand out from the crowd – find out what an employer is looking for in their next hire. Or if you’re considering making a career change – find out how your skills match up with our vacancies.

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What our expert recruiters do

We represent candidates globally with a particular focus on the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East in sectors including Aerospace, Defence, Engineering & Business Support. Using the latest technology and artificial intelligence to enhance our offering gives us a competitive edge to find the best candidate for the best position. We aim to understand as much as we can about the client and their business from the initial enquiry, understand organisation: history, culture, strategy, headcount, division’s and we like to stay in touch with candidates via our various social media channels and invitations to candidate specific webinars.
We have found this personal touch complements a winning formula to be appealing to both job candidate and employers.
Contact us now to speak to one of our specialist recruitment consultants.

Professional Associations

REC (Recruitment Employers Confederation)

The Good Recruitment Collective

As active members of The Good Recruitment Collective we ensure that as recruiters we are working as effectively as possible with employers. This REC-run initiative was created to educate clients on good recruitment practice and to encourage better working partnerships between employers and recruiters.

The Good Recruitment Charter

  • Diversity & inclusion: We are fair, legal and ethical in our resource planning and recruitment procedures, with specific regard to actively promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
  • Equal Treatment: We exercise good recruitment practice and apply this equally to temporary, contract, interim, fixed term, zero hours and part-time workers.
  • Candidate Experience: We deliver a high standard of candidate experience, with ongoing communication during the recruitment process, including two-way feedback for all those interviewed.
  • Flexible work: We offer flexible working arrangements and adaptive working practices, wherever possible, as a way of boosting inclusion and attracting talent.
  • Professional development: We ask that those managing and delivering the recruitment process (whether internal staff or external providers) work to recognized standards, undertake any relevant training/qualification, and commit to continuous development.
  • Recruitment partners: We ask that our clients are signed up to the REC’s industry codes of practice and demonstrate a commitment to good recruitment practice.
  • Supply Chain: Our supply chain delivers good recruitment practice throughout, including where different resourcing models, such as recruitment process outsourcing or vendor arrangements, are in place.
  • Youth employment: We help to address youth employment through our recruitment procedures; for example, through the provision of apprenticeships and traineeships such as the Kickstart scheme.
  • Process improvement: We regularly review our recruitment procedures with feedback from candidates (those appointed and not appointed) and keep up-to-date with new recruitment and resourcing approaches.

REC Code of Professional Practice

  • As REC members, Two Rivers are recognized for our professionalism and the value we provide to clients and candidates. Our Code helps us get it right.  It goes further than the legal obligations and makes sure we are always acting ethically.  Our REC membership is a sign of quality and confirms that we have passed the Compliance Test and adhere to the Code.
  • General Principles: Two Rivers observe the highest principles in our professional conduct. We will run our business in a way that enhances the reputation of the recruitment industry.  Being ethical is not just about meeting legal requirements, it’s about being honest, respecting others, acting with integrity and being socially responsible.  It is behaviour that will hold up to public scrutiny.

Respect for laws

We comply with all relevant legislation, statutory and non-statutory requirements and official guidance, and any future amendments to such requirements during the course of providing their services to others.

Respect for honesty and transparency

  • We will act honestly in all dealings with work-seekers, clients, and others.
  • In the course of representing a work-seeker or client, we will not knowingly make a false or inaccurate statement, fail to disclose a material fact, or make a representation as to future matters without having reasonable grounds for making it.
  • We will adhere to principles of truth in advertising and will only advertise positions, through any medium, for which they have documented permission to recruit.
  • Our fees, charges and services will be provided explicitly and fully disclosed to clients prior to the acceptance of an assignment or prior to any work being undertaken for a client.
  • We will document all key stages of the recruitment process in line with relevant legislation and good practice guidance.

Respect for work relationships

  • We will not undertake actions that may unfairly or unlawfully jeopardise a work seeker’s employment.
  • We will not undertake actions that may unfairly or unlawfully interfere in work relationships established by others.
  • We will not attempt unfairly or unlawfully to prevent a work seeker from seeking work from other sources.

Respect for diversity

  • We will adhere to the spirit of all applicable human rights, employment laws and regulations and will treat work seekers, clients and others without prejudice or unjustified discrimination. Members should not act on an instruction from a client that is discriminatory and should, wherever possible, provide guidance to clients in respect of good diversity practice.
  • We will treat all work seekers and clients with dignity and respect and aim to provide equity of employment opportunities based on objective business-related criteria.
  • We have established working practices that safeguard against unlawful or unethical discrimination in the operation of their business.

Respect for safety

  • We will act diligently in assessing risks to work seekers and clients and will not knowingly put at risk candidates, clients or others.
  • Members will inform work seekers whenever they have reason to believe that an engagement may cause a risk to health and safety.

Respect for professional knowledge

  • We will work diligently to develop and maintain a satisfactory level of relevant and current professional knowledge.
  • We will ensure that our staff are adequately trained and skilled to undertake their responsibilities in recruitment practice.

Respect for certainty of engagement

  • We will supply work seekers with full details of the work, conditions of employment, the nature of the work to be undertaken, rates of pay, method and frequency of payment and pay arrangements in accordance with requirements of current legislation.
  • We will ensure that any variation to the engagement can only occur with prior notification and agreement of the workers.

Respect for prompt and accurate payment

  • We will pay promptly and accurately any wages and benefits due in accordance with any agreed terms and legal requirements.
  • We will not penalize temporary/contract workers, for example for having been late or failed to attend part of all of an assignment or for poor performance, by making deductions from pay due for time that they have actually worked.
  • We will not take on assignments that could result in our inability to pay temporary/contract workers.

Respect for ethical international recruitment

  • We will supply all overseas work seekers with the same level of information as set out and implied in Principle 7. In addition, information provided should include details of the likely cost of living in the area the prospective hirer is situated, the likely length of the job in question and the state of the employment market in the field they are being recruited into.  All information must be provided at no cost to the work seeker.
  • We will ensure that in relation to overseas recruitment, we abide by all relevant legislation and Home Office guidelines and provide all relevant and applicable information to work seekers, clients and others.
  • We will not use overseas agents who charge for their services, unless that is the legal and normal customer and practice sanctioned by the government of the country of origin.
  • We will observe the highest principles of social responsibility, integrity, professionalism, equity and fair practice in our dealings with all overseas work seekers.

Respect for confidentiality and privacy

  • We will observe the highest principles of integrity, professionalism, equity and fair practice to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of candidate and client information and should respect the confidentiality of records in accordance with law and good business practice.
  • We will ensure that we have obtained consent or that we have another legal basis before disclosing, transferring, displaying, submitting or seeking confidential or personal information.
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